JukeFox Journey! No.1 – Wes Morgan chooses Jackie Mittoo

We take a break from imagining my bid for rock’n’roll immortality by delving into my equally unlikely, yet bizarrely imminent, fantasy, that of Leicester City winning the premier league title.
To accompany the run in to the final game of the season I’ll be revealing exactly what the authors of this fairytale season (copyright pending) listen to in their spare time. If, of course, their universe was moulded by Kid Slender. All the following facts are absolutely true and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Honest.

Harry “Arry” Redknapp recently complained about Wes’s omission from the England squad. A problem not about to concern the Jamaican football association for whom Wes has turned out on 25 occasions. It comes as no surprise then that a man so familiar with Orange Street should like nothing better after a hard day crushing the dreams of oppposing forwards, than to settle back with a comfortably tart mint julep and dig a bit of Studio 1. “Jackie Mitto’s my man” says Wes, fictionally speaking. “Get Up & Get It is just righteously funky and you can connect the dots between the Skatalites and, say, the Meters in the Big Easy. Which adds up of course to hell of a cross-Caribbean brew”.

We’re right there with you Wes.

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