JukeFox Journey! No.4 – Marc Albrighton chooses Supergrass

A constant presence on the left side of midfield this season, Marc Albrighton’s quiet diligence surely brings to mind that other tenacious centre leftist Tony Blair and his Cool Britannia. “What, the shopping centre in Hinckley? ” quips the man born on Watling Street.

No surprise then that Marc is partial to a bit of britpop. “Supergrass were a victim of their own image” he lectures. “Beneath the monstrous sideys and knockabout videos lurked a refined songwriting talent. Top up your Sunny D?” he offers generously.

“In It For The Money is the album where it all came together – not a weak song on there. Going Out is the one I keep coming back to though. It’s fun but feels regretful somehow. The perfect 90’s hangover number. ” he ends wistfully.

You’re not wrong there, me duck.

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