JukeFox Journey! No.5 – Shinji Okazaki chooses Prince

John Sjoberg. Mike Stringfellow. Theo Zagorakis. Each and every golden era of the Foxes has its own totemic Scrabble winning stalwart. Few though come close to Shinji Okazaki’s mammoth 40 points – in itself, enough to avoid relegation.

“It’s got to be Alphabet Street then hasn’t it?” he grins archly. “Prince was always at his best when he seemed to be parodying himself. If you’re going to sing lyrics like ‘I’m going to talk so sexy’ you’ve either got to take yourself completely seriously or with a massive pinch of salt. Prince managed both. It’s a difficult trick to pull off.”

That’s all well and good. But back to the Scrabble. Surely Muzzy Izzet is unassailable in this respect. “Ah!” replies Shinji inscrutably anticipating my question. “You’re forgetting his full name is Mustafa. I think you’ll find I still have a clear five point lead”.

Much like the Foxes since Christmas then.

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